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Premonstratensians - Norbertine Sisters


In 1947 the Convent of St. Norbert in Windberg (Bavarian Forest) wanted to reestablish the historical Abbey of St. Norbert in Rot an der Rot. As a financial basis they started a Home for children, and tried to find Sisters to take care of them. But at that time, after the war, it was difficult to find an existing Community that was able to send Sisters to Rot an der Rot. So the Praemonstratensians founded a new community. On 01.05.1950 two Sisters were vested and started community life in Rot an der Rot. In the year 1959 the community expanded to 10 Sisters, who are responsible for the care and catering of the children who came from Stuttgart. At the end of 1959 the Praemonstratensian Sisters left Rot for Duisburg- Hamborn in the Diocese of Essen, but the Sisters there were very much on their own. The Abbey of Geras in Niederösterreich asked the Sisters to come and help them there. So they went to Geras. In 1960 the Diocese of Stuttgart bought the former cloister in Rot and used it as a youth-centre and the Sisters came back from Austria and took over the running of the House. There was a great need to use the rooms we were living in, so we were happy to move to the house opposite to the youth centre. Communication with the people became more intensive at this time, and people like to visit our Oratorium for private prayer or to participate in our prayer. Our community is controlled by the Bishop and we are constantly active. A big decision was made by our Community about the future of our sisters in Rot an der Rot. We had a very intensive discussion about our future.

It was many years ago that we agreed that, if the situation demanded it, we would take space in the Franciscan Community in Reute, (cca. 30 Km away of Rot). But the Sisters were free to decide whether to move over to Reute or not. We have had very close connection with this community for many, many years. The Franciscan Sisters have been working in Rot in the kindergarden and in ambulant home care for many years. So we have a good relationship with them. During our meeting we talked about our future in a very open way with the Mother General of the Franciscans. We were able to tell her our hopes and wishes. It was really a holy hour which was directed by the Holy Spirit. The first Sister moved over to Reute in 2006, the others went a half year later. It was not an easy step for any of them. Looking at it from the view of the Bible it is an "Exodus" into an unknown country, into the land of Promise, without knowing what is going to happen there. "hough we are also called by the promise of "I Am, Who Is" (JAHVEH). The two of us, Sr. Renate and Ursula started our community life in Aulendorf in 2007. This village is very near to Reute, so we are in an everyday contact with our Sisters in Reute. Two of our Sisters died in 2007 and in 2008. Sr. Renate is teaching Cathecism and helping the Parsih in Aulendorf, Sr. Ursula is running the household, We took these steps with faith and confidence in God, who is with us on our way, and who knows our aims. So after giving up Rot an der Rot a new chapter has begun in the life of our Community.

Going from the siters convent to the Abbey - Church

Sisters saying goodbye to Rot an der Rot

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