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Premonstratensians - Norbertine Sisters


The Czech-Moravian Province consists of two Communities - the majority of Sisters live and work on Svaty Kopecek near Olomouc and the other community is in Humpolec. Until 1950, the Sisters worked in parishes, cared for sick people and orphans and led a house for pilgrims. In 1950, Sisters were moved out from their convent. During Communism they worked all over the country. They had to accept any work whatsoever (in factory, rest home, hospital, etc.). After the Velvet Revolution in 1989, confiscated and considerably devastated Convents were given back to the Sisters, whose Sister's activities started to regenerate step by step.


In June 2000, the Lord allowed us to move from Radvanov to Norbertinum on Svaty Kopecek near Olomouc. We have renewed our community life, adoring the Eucharist, and taking care of older Sisters. The whole area consists of three buildings of different size, with an interconnected corridor. In January 2004, we put a new kitchen and a new laundry into service for people living on Svaty Kopecek, and the Norbertine confreres. In July 2005, we started a new nursing home, where we take care of seniors. The house is called "The House of St. Norbert". The reconstruction of our Motherhouse was finished in May 2008. Therefore we can now also offer accommodation for students from the Palacky University in a guest-house. Next to our Convent we have the beautiful Basilica of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary, where four confreres of Strahov Canonry are serving. We are cooperating with them in different ways.

The blessing of the motherhouse

The members of the provincial chapter


Our chapel is devoted to St. Norbert and this is the centre of our Community and Convent. We pay attention especially to adoration, a common liturgy, reading the Bible, and a community life. Our Motherhouse is more cloistered but we have also many contacts with people. The community finds regular relaxation in our garden where we grow vegetables for the kitchen and flowers for the chapel. Our meditation garden is very pleasant for Sisters and for guests of our Monastery, too. Three of our Sisters work outside the community. Sr. Rafaela helps at the Secretariat of the Archbishop and she is also the Choirmaster in the Basilica on Svaty Kopecek. Sr. Siarda teaches at the Theological Faculty of the Palacky University in Olomouc. She helps young people and spends a lot of time with them. Sr. Norberta helps her brother, who is the diocesan priest, as a housekeeper in Velky Tynec.


Our sisters lived in Humpolec from 1936 to 1950, when their activities were violently stopped by the Communist Regime. Since 1994 five of our Sisters have been running a nursing home in our building called "The House of the Blessed Bronislava".

Four young Sisters now work here. The Convent of the Sisters is in a different building, but it is connected by a corridor with the nursing home. The Sisters also serve in the parish. The Third Order - We are receiving people who want to live the Norbertine spirituality with us. They work in their parish and they pray some devotional exercises together. We meet them regularly in different spiritual and cultural programmes.

Sisters in adoration chapel

Prayer before the Lourds Shrine


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